To all recipients of a recent letter from Torrance Pharmacy

I wish to apologise unreservedly for any confusion or upset caused by the recent letter you may have received sent to residents in the Milngavie and Bearsden area.

I now realise that the letter could be interpreted as if the NHS was endorsing our services over that of other pharmacies. This is deceptive and misleading in that the NHS is unable to favour one pharmacy over another when its main focus is to ensure that all pharmacies provide services to the same quality and standard.  I also accept I acted inappropriately in seeking to gain at the expense of fellow providers. 

There is no need for you to change from your current pharmacy as all pharmacies provide the same service as part of the NHS.

I seek to reassure you that no further copies of the letter will be distributed and arrangements to extend the programme have been terminated. I will personally write to all respondents offering my apologies and expressing my genuine regret over the inconvenience and distress I have inadvertently caused as a consequence.  

yours sincerely

H. Shergill - Torrance Pharmacy